© Tamara Muller

In Tamara Muller’s „Lost and Found“ paintings we can see places and pictorial spaces where the characters look as if they are waiting. But waiting for what? Are they themselves lost, are they waiting to be found? What or who in this series has been lost and/or found? It may well be that something has already been found, or that on the other hand, in the act of losing, something quite different has been found. Such questions can be put forward in relation to the three most recent paintings, the first ones in her new series „Lost and Found“. As a matter of fact, similar questions, have already arisen in her work „Of Mice and Men II“ (2019). Are the depicted individuals innocent or guilty? They too look as if they’re waiting, but what for? Escaping through the little mouse hole is no option. In the context of the exhibition "uncurated", the artist's current works seem to be positioned as if in a lost-and-found department. Seemingly arbitrarily arranged with works by other artists, she sees opportunities for her works to enter into new and exciting relationships beyond their framework.