Wendelin Wohlgemuth is a German-American oil painter currently resident in Berlin who received his BA in Studio Art with a minor in Philosophy in 2013 at Western Washington University.

Wohlgemuth's central interest lies in researching the paradoxical functions of oil paint. His canvases investigate oil paint in a dual way: On the one hand its function as an illusionistic, representational medium in the sense of Alberti's fenestra aperta is emphasized, on the other hand the physical substance, the aspect of materiality, is exposed. 
Wohlgemuth has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US, as well as all throughout Europe and is the recipient of the 2014 Williams Prize in Drawing for Emerging Artists.

Woman With Sunlight

oil on canvas, 90 cm x 81 cm, 2019 ( Price on request )


oil on wood, 51 x 51 cm, 2019 ( Price on request )

Girl By The Fire

oil on wood,36 x 46 cm, 2017 ( Price on request )