© Valentina Murabito

A white cow nervously scrapes in the crater landscape of Etna. She inspects photographer Valentina Murabito. Little does the cow suspect that the artist will transform her image into a mythical creature through seemingly magical experiments in the darkroom, into an animal with four eyes and three horns. In the Middle Ages, Christians depicted such creatures, dragons and unicorns in illustrated bestiaries and ascribed to them characteristics such as strength or goodness. Inspired by this, the Sicilian traveled to her homeland, looking for shepherds who bowed to the rhythm of their herds. This is a rarity in a time when efficiency is the highest precept. With her analog camera she recorded the movement and behavior of free cattle, as the photo pioneer Eadweard Muybridge did in the 19th century. These images are like a sketch. The actual process begins in the darkroom. There she inflates their bodies, lets them sink into abysses or (re-)works them with materials that dominate our lives: steel, concrete, bitumen (asphalt). In the gallery størpunkt Valentina Murabito presents her secular bestiary for the first time. She observes animals and shows people and always - as Ralf Hanselle said about her works - leaves room for "enchantment and transcendence".