© Tonino Mattu

The “Boundaries” exhibition comprises a collection of works painted during 2019 that represent the concept of territoriality. Every place, in comparison with other places, has not only its own material, physical and commensurable dimension but also a deep immaterial, qualitative and incommensurable one that makes it remarkable for mankind and its culture. This distinction corresponds to the Topos/Chora dichotomy mentioned by Plato in the “Timaios” dialogue. Similar concepts can be found in the works of other philosophers such as Heidegger and Casey.

Man’s predisposition to conquer more land made him conceive territory as an exchange value to measure, trade, achieve and globalise. Often this way of acting has led to a loss of identity and biodiversity in those territories affected by economic speculation. The themes of the works come from archive images of the twentieth century, such as photographs taken during the Italian occupation of Africa and early explorations. In the “Boundaries” paintings, the use of the color brown refers back to the material dimension of the territory, while the unpainted parts are the reflection of its immaterial side. The viewer is encouraged to rearrange the puzzle of images according to their own interpretation.