Born in 1973 in Bort-les-Orgues, the artist Thierry Carrier now lives and works in Souillac, France. Thierry Carrier's paintings are characterized by an expressive yet reduced gesture. The pictorial backgrounds seem surrealistic and have a dreamlike character. The figures in the foreground, on the other hand, seem to stand out clearly and stand out particularly due to their expressive sharpness, more intense colours and complex illumination. They seem almost as if they had been captured in a spontaneous snapshot by the sharp flash and the focus of a camera. It is this particular theatricality – the lively interplay between light and dark contrasts, the impressive dramatic colouring and the dream-like ambience – that gives the works of Thierry Carrier a cinematographic quality and characterizes the artistic work of the artist to a remarkable degree.

"Today I practice an "understandable" art. The figures depicted on my canvases (which are often representations of myself) are never anchored in a geographically recognizable space. The pictures have no title and therefore do not correspond to the usual codes of a portrait maker. We are faced with different situations of a state, a world of silence, a simple representation of the human being, a tense and unfathomable being, a picture that reflects my own quest for silence".

SOLO EXHIBITION 11 March until 23 April 2022 / Opening Thursday 10 March 19-22 h