© Susannah Martin

Susannah Martin was born in New York City, USA and currently lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. She studied painting at New York University together with Louise Lawler and Sherrie Levine. Her works can be found in important international private collections.

Susannah Martin focuses without exception on nude paintings embedded in landscapes. Ignoring erotic motivations the nude has always been a symbol for the human being in its purest form, its original form, its primordial form. Unbinding from all possible indicators such as clothing, property and status it frees itself from the social identity in a time of pure being.

For Susannah it is the Salon de Paris that symbolizes all tendencies of dictating an asthetic norm to the world of art and the society. It would have been the realists who challenged the public taste in Paris and the salons to the domination of academy in the 19th century. The question about the current definition of realism is complicated. Our concept of reality implys the point of view, which wasn't seen by the people of the 19th century. We can't define contemporary reality without the internet or photo editing. The nature isn't our home anymore, but a destination. No current image of an act in landscape can hide our alienation to nature, consciously or unconsciously. The experiments of the artist to envision the nude in landscape are realized in a charged relationship of a self-perception in duality between distortion and harmony.