© Danielle Van Zadelhoff

Danielle Van Zadelhoffis a dutch artist based in Antwerpen, Belgium. She bought her first camera 2013 and from then on, was fascinated of the medium photography.

According to her own statements, she is inspired by the big themes in life, loneliness, vulnerability, the raw pure emotions in daily life. She wants to capture this in the image, something that is almost invisible, but always present. Through the combination of a dark background and a light foreground, the chiaroscuro, and the gesture and facial expression of the portrait subject she creates an athmosphere, which referes to the historical Renaissance paintings. When she works in her studio she always becomes fascinated by the light, which makes the models transcend above themselves and head to something universal. There are also a couple of images where religion comes to the surface. It is also a big theme in the seventeenth century painting. Her background of restoring historical atmosphere, becomes visible in her work, through the sophisticated touch and finesse, along the attention to detail and proportion.

Danielles works were exhibited in the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga in Spain, the Chiesa die San Francesco in Udine, Italy and the Design Museum in London, in the Grand Palais in Paris, Pio del monte misericordia in Neapel, Moncler Venetië, Bachelot collection France, Collectie Balmain and MIT in Boston. The next exhibiton will be held 2021 in the Samogitian Art Museum of Lithuania and in Oostende.