11 September to 30 October 2020 / Opening Thursday 10 September 19-22 h

Nude representation in the visual arts has come a long way. Whereas until the High Renaissance it was reserved exclusively for religious, cultic and mythological subjects, its role changed with modern painting, at the latest with Edouard Manet's scandalous work "Olympia" from 1863.

"THE NUDE" is a group exhibition that illuminates the nude from a contemporary perspective. Privacy. Self-determination. Sexualization. Objectification. Grace. Emancipation. #MeToo. Seduction. Self-confidence. Eroticism. Artistic aesthetics – never before has nudity been discussed so vividly, finely differentiated and controversially in public discourse as it is today. Every contemporary representation of the nude refers – willingly or unwillingly – to all these discourses. More than ever, artists today use nude representation to explore the limits of what is morally and aesthetically permissible.


11 September bis 30 Oktober 2020 / Vernissage Donnerstag 10 September 19-22 Uhr

Die Aktdarstellung in der bildenden Kunst hat einen langen Weg zurückgelegt. War sie bis in die Hochrenaissance hinein noch ausschließlich religiösen, kultischen und mythologischen Sujets vorbehalten, veränderte sich ihre Rolle mit der modernen Malerei, spätestens mit Edouard Manets Schlüssel- sowie Skandalwerk „Olympia“ von 1863.

„THE NUDE“ ist eine Gemeinschaftsausstellung, die den Akt aus zeitgenössischer Sicht beleuchtet. Intimsphäre. Selbstbestimmung. Sexualisierung. Objektifizierung. Anmut. Emanzipation. #MeToo. Verführung. Erotik. Künstlerische Ästhetik – noch nie wurde Nacktheit im öffentlichen Diskurs so spannend, fein-differenziert und kontrovers diskutiert wie heute. Jede zeitgenössische Aktdarstellung rekurriert – willentlich oder unwillentlich – auf all diese Diskurse. Mehr denn je, loten Künstler heute mithilfe der Aktdarstellung die Grenzen des moralisch und ästhetisch Erlaubten aus.


Ronit Baranga is an Israeli artist who currently lives and works in Israel. In 2015, she participated in Banksy's group exhibition "Dismaland". Since then, she showed her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York, Taiwan, China, Australia and Germany.

Ronit Baranga creates realistic clay sculptures consisting of human body parts. She sculpts the body without anatomical errors to tempt the viewer to approach it, to examine it, and to finally relate to it. There is always an ambiguity and an element of the unexpected to her work. Human bodies, mouths, hands, fingers, expressions, attitudes and postures draw the viewer into a surrealistic world.


Susannah Martin was born in New York City, USA and currently lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. She studied painting at New York University together with Louise Lawler and Sherrie Levine. Her works can be found in important international private collections.

Susannah Martin focuses without exception on nude paintings embedded in landscapes. Ignoring erotic motivations the nude has always been a symbol for the human being in its purest form, its original form, its primordial form. Unbinding from all possible indicators such as clothing, property and status it frees itself from the social identity in a time of pure being.


Joanna Grochowska is a Polish artist who currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She studied at the Faculty of Media Art and Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 2018, she exhibited at the Female Gaze, Museum of Sex in New York and in 2020 she participated in the Antwerp Queer Art Festival.

Her artistic photographs combine the obscurity of eroticism and sadism and create a surrealist vision. The imagery depicts the portrayed person as a mannequin and thus blurs the distinction between human and nonhuman, between animate and inanimate. The representation of seemingly lifeless, passive and usually faceless figures provokes transgression and alternative desires.


Linda Adair is an emerging artist, who currently lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. Her works can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States, the UK and Australia.

Linda works primarily in oils. She creates images based in realism with a strong narrative and elements of the fantastical like fairytale figures or physical impossibilities. She is trying to bring works into being that communicate emotions which are universal from experiences and shared histories.