What makes the portrait of today so special? The portrait is probably one of the most classic genres in art history. Yet the portrait is anything but outdated and seems more exciting than ever today with the variety of technical and media possibilities. The artistic representation of a person, which is usually limited to the head and chest area, appears as painting, photography or sculpture. But what is it that fascinates us so much about the depiction of a person? We want to get closer to what contemporary portraiture is all about.

The exhibition "The New Portrait" brings together extraordinary contemporary artists, each proclaiming their own specific approach and aesthetics to show what the portrait of today looks like. From abstract to figurative positions, from the colorful to the monochromatic minimalist, we include a wide variety of international artistic positions to define the portrait of today.

The exhibition THE NEW PORTRAIT will take place from 06th June to 03th August 2019.