Stylianos Schicho is an Austrian painter who lives and works in Vienna and is one of the most important contemporary positions in Austria. 

Schicho recreates everyday scenes. In these figurative scenes, perspective and proportionality seem strangely altered. Perspective shortenings, distortions and disproportional enlargements occur. The viewer finds himself in an almost voyeuristic position, from which he observes the events in the picture. A peculiarity that runs through Schicho's œuvre and that shapes his unmistakable style is the fact that the viewer, through the direct gaze of at least one pictorial figure directed at him out of the pictorial space, advances from the observer to the observed himself. Schicho's works can be found in important private and public collections, such as the Leopold II Collection of the Leopold Museum and the Graphische Sammlung of the Albertina, Vienna.

"I see a moment, I freeze it, take it home with me [...] and look at it pretty closely with a magnifying glass, from all sides. Then I dismantle it and reassemble it according to my own criteria, feelings and emotions." - Stylianos Schicho