Born in Austria Stefan Zsaitsits lives and works in a small village near Vienna, Austria.

The Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits currently lives and works in a small village near Vienna. After finishing his Diploma at the University of applied Arts Vienna in 2006, he has won several accolades, such as the Art Austria Award in 2014. Due to his brilliant pencil skills, he has created a distinctive pictorial language, which exemplifies him as a young aspiring artist.

Sketching symptomatical trains of thought, requires an artistic form of expression, which can cope with the spontaneity, emotionality and fugacity of thinking. The pencil works of Stefan Zsaitsits take the spectator on a journey into the soul of his protagonists. This guides him from gentle plains of innocence, deep into gestural and expressive abysses of the human psyche, where demons of a multifaceted self are hiding. Moreover, these subconscious depths will be turned inside out and will be projected on the external, visible surface of his strange figures and are thereby shown to the public sphere. The artworks of the austrian artist access an echo of the surrealistic repertoire of forms and lead to a visualization of inherent fears, which populate the unconscious and rule the roost by means of dreams and thoughts. The pencil allows him therefore to be bulky, gestural, emotive, filigree or to be a stickler for details.

„Concerning visual arts, I believe that drawing is the closest medium to human thoughts. In my artworks I try to facilitate the vital questions without neglecting the daily problems of human beings. From the big picture to the small and the other way round. From wanderings to concrete ideas. From the secular daily routine to a search for meaning. Order and chaos as oneness in my head."


25th of January until 09th of March 2019