Big, bigger, monumental ... Oversized works of art have the ambition to transfer artistic positions into the mighty, the spectacular and to sublimate their themes. Unmanageable for the spectator, he loses himself in form, color and structure; the whole scene unfolds only from afar, giving the work grandeur over the human figure. Likewise, they are striking statements that guarantee the artist visibility. Enhanced size is thereby not intended to distract from technical flaws, but to highlight the outstanding quality of the works, as the larger the work, the more difficult the execution in proportion and materiality. Similar to the motif, which fully develops its potential only in case of major realisation. The idea of the exhibition MONUMENTAL is to display extraordinary works of art measuring at least two square meters in an international group show.

Anna Baranowski, Astrid Köhler, Christian Martin Weiss, Cigdem Aky, Kazuhiro Hori, Susannah Martin, Stylianos Schicho, Sylwia Makris