Born in Geneva, Switzerland Marc Dailly currently lives and works in Lyon, France.

He studied in Lyon, at the Emile Cohl school, where he obtained his diploma of illustrator in 2004. But, very quickly he devoted himself to painting, his first passion, and especially to oil, a real heart stroke. He finds his inspiration in the art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the realism of the Russian school or the Nabis. This is why his first paintings are very classic. He is afraid of becoming entangled in sclerotic and unproductive rigidity. Nevertheless, he manages to exhibit every year in various galleries in France, Switzerland and Germany.

It is by taking a closer look at contemporary figurative painting that Marc Dailly manages to release his technique by playing on the "unspoken".

"I am afraid to control my painting too much, I prefer to give free rein to my unconscious who will probably know better than me how to tell stories".