Joanna Grochowska is a Polish contemporary artist, whose work has been exhibited internationally, acclaimed for the subversive, sophisticated imagery and vision. She studied Media Art and Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She was exhibited in the NSFW: Female Gaze show at the Museum of Sex in New York (2018) and selected for VICE MEDIA The Creators Project. In 2020 she was a part of the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival in Belgium.

Her haute photographie connects eroticism, pain and power. Faceless figures, which appear as mannequins through their lifeless poses, are shown without sexual organs and identity features. The body becomes a Project.

The conceptual basis of her art the the notions of Transgression and Singularity. Many of her works pertain to transsexualism, depicting the body after sex reassignment surgery. Her art relates to the future, affirming the gender fluidity, identity transition and a posthuman modified body.

The imagery depicting person as a mannequin, blurs the distinction between Human and Nonhuman. Still, passive, faceless figure refers to void, emptiness, tabula rasa – provokes inventing of new desires, transgression; imposed by the imagination of the Viewer.

SOLO EXHIBITION 25 June until 07 August 2021 / Opening Thursday 24 June 19-22 h. Facebook Event

Opening The Future

Digital Print, Acrylic glass, 200 x 134,5 cm, 2020 ( Price on request )


Digital Print, Acrylic glass, 147 x 200 cm, 2020 ( Price on request )


Digital Print, Acrylic glass, 200 x 115 cm, 2020 ( Price on request )