In her latest photographs Danielle van Zadelhoff explores the vulnerability, insecurity and loneliness of the human being. Emotional conditions, which in times of a global pandemic are more actual than ever before. The exhibition BOUND expresses the basic need to connect with others, but also reveals the challenges that come along with being tied to someone.

Inspired by Old Masters of Dutch painting such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, Daniëlle van Zadelhoff‘s works show the attempt to translate the formal principles of sixteenth and seventeenth century painting into art photography. Thus, the intense light-dark contrasts created by the selective illumination of the sitter against a dark background are reminiscent of the Baroque design principle of chiaroscuro. Light and shadow swirl around the body, emphasizing muscles, tendons, and bone structures and lend the figures a sense of pronounced plasticity. In the process, she attaches a great deal of artistic attention to ensuring that the almost immaculate skin of her models appears like a smooth surface referring to the painterly usage of the so called blaireau brush. The light comes from a single source outside the frame, creating a theatrical and sometimes sacred atmosphere.

At once simple and yet surprisingly complex, Daniëlle‘s portraits convey her fascination with the human psyche, using models to interpret innate questions of temptation, vulnerability, doubt and faith as a pretext for self-exploration. However, the works’ titles reveal that the sitters are not of interest to the artist as individual personalities, but rather as projection surfaces of types and personifications.

Opening times of the gallery: Thursdays to Saturdays 3-7pm and by personal arrangement (+ parking space available)

Girl 2, 2016

© Danielle van Zadelhoff

Posing Boy, 2016

© Danielle Van Zadelhoff

Sleeping boy, 2017

© Danielle Van Zadelhoff

No mercy, 2019

© Danielle Van Zadelhoff

Dialogue with life, 2016

© Danielle Van Zadelhoff

Rebrth, 2019

© Danielle Van Zadelhoff