Chris Leib was born in Carmel, California where he currently lives and works.

Chris Leib's honorary degree in Anthropology and his diploma in Fine Arts from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco seems to meet in his work. The artist likes to contemplate whether the documenters of history have ever been giving us the true picture when it comes to the meaningful and momentous happenings that have occurred on our planet. Are the historical events of the western world presented to us via a machine engineered to manufacture our manipulation? Leib explores these concepts through iconic and symbolic imagery featuring a fabulous cast of astronauts and Bonobo apes. He transplants his characters into humourous scenarios, often set in historically significant surroundings, where they run amok and generally tamper with events as we know them. Furthermore the artist puts his realistic figures in unnatural scenes resembling dream worlds in which bonobos are displayed as the teachers of human kind. Painted with tremendous skill patience and personality, Chris’ works pull us into situations from eras gone by that pose intriguing questions and leave us wondering where the truth lies.