The exhibition ANYTHING BUT DECORATIVE took place from 7th of July until 11th of August 2017. The opening day was on 6th of July 2017.

Facing the art world today, often means to deal with the dominating categories of conceptual art and classical oil painting. Whereas the one genre still represents the academic convention, the other glorifies values of the idea. High art either connects with tradition or has to be meaningful, radical and often based on socio-political critique. Artworks done by using handicraft or related techniques are often stigmatized as decorative. At first glance, they focus primarily on forms, textures and colors, which generate an access to the spectator, differing from rationality or critical thinking. They render aesthetics perceptible and touch the visceral part of the human body by playing with the optic and haptic senses. But under this superficially sublime cover often hides a deeper message, which consistently escapes the beholder's notice. The aim of this exhibition is to show unusual and experimental artworks, which address, under their as decorative stigmatized appearance, feminist and philosophical approaches. Therefore, størpunkt has brought together the four different artistic positions of Dan Lam, Emilie Steele, Emma Lindström and Maryam Ashkanian, who will, in an overall concept, resist the prejudice of the "adorning".

Curated by Estelle Vallender