ANA PUSICA / Square and Circle

The exhibition ANA PUSICA / Square and Circle took place from 28th of April until 26th of May 2017. The opening day was on 27th of April 2017.

In Ana Pusica's work, the very action of painting is fundamental, it is the moment when physical impulses and visual imagination come together on the canvas. What matters most is the creative act itself.

The paintings are the expression of her subjectivity. They reflect poetry of her inner world with it's mixture of memories, ideas and quotations from her favorite authors. Within these works, the gesture is just as important as the subject, so far as it reveals the impulses or movements that are the embodiment of the artist´s thoughts. "I am someone who lives in my own bubble. Although it seems very quiet, only then I can truly express myself."

Ana Pusica’s art is a physical act, direct, intuitive and in motion. There is energy in the pictures, that is why she likes to work on large formats so that she can put this concentrated force into the frame. "I try to create a new and interesting surface from repeating one motif several times by using a lot of different movements, gestures and randomness. From the mixture of surfaces and layers, something like a figurative image emerges at the end."

The idea behind the series of work "SQUARE AND CIRCLE" is to develop through the colors a materiality and dynamism, which allow the viewer to decide what is the story behind the figure. Sometimes, the painting's surfaces are heavily worked, sometimes they are expressively fluid or made of extravagant drips of paint. They are non-abstract, but not strictly figurative either. Though containing no identifiable portraits, her pictures evoke associations: red-hot magma, cheeky pinks and oranges or cloudy color spectrums. As a result, her artworks exude an ‘intense lightness’, and are making multiple layers of potential meaning.


25th of January until 09th of March 2019