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Rupert Jörg is a German artist. If you try to find the very one interest of him in his work it might be the appropriation of images of all media. News, Movies as well as familyphotos or homevideos. He recombines them in videos, photoseries and drawings. Fake and reality become one. He studied from 2010 until 2017 at the academy of fine arts Munich by Res Ingold, Julian Rosefeldt, Klaus vom Bruch and Stephan Dillemuth.

The ritual-obsessed artist duo NIUHESHU, who feels obligated to the beautiful and the sublime, exhibits: Homely and cuddly it should become. Chimney fire atmosphere in the sterile ambience of the gallery rooms creeps in. Their collages of clichés and kitsch in all their variations might evoke a diffuse feeling of security and nostalgia. Envions and minimalist people might overcome discomfort. NIUHESHU's recipe seems simple: Asian and Bavarian stereotypes are forcibly consoled and forever banned into 2 or 3D. The sometimes uncomfortable materials (fiberglass, concrete and chemical resins) undergo a love for the details, so that they serve themselves as harmless allies. A death that could divorce them does not occur. So sorry, you envious and minimalists.